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Fangirl Challenge ● Pilots [1/10] → Gossip Girl

"Gossip Girl just saw Serena getting off the train at Grand Central!"
"Good. Things were getting a little dull around here."

Fangirl Challenge ● Male Characters [3/50] → Agent Antoine Triplett

bring the noiseand the funk wherever I go.

Fangirl Challenge ● Female Characters [7/50] → Private Lorraine

Fangirl Challenge ● Female Characters [6/50] → Inara Serra

So, would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways? 

Fangirl Challenge ● Female Characters [5/50] → Peggy Carter

I know a little of what that’s like…to have every door shut in your face.

Fangirl Challenge ● Female Characters [4/50] → Melinda May

Fangirl Challenge ● TV Shows [1/25] → Torchwood

The 21st Century is when everything changes — and Torchwood is ready.

Fangirl Challenge ● Animated Films [1/5] → The Aristocats

Which pet’s address is the finest in Paris?
Which pet possess the longest pedigree?
Which pets get to sleep on velvet mats?
Naturellement! The aristocats!

Fangirl Challenge ● Villains [1/5] → King Joffrey

Fangirl Challenge ● Female Characters [3/50] → Daenerys Targaryen

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